The Sea

Philadelphia Weekly

January 9, 2008

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The Sea

Fri., Jan. 11, 8pm. $12-$15. Through Jan. 19. Old Swedes’ Church, 916 S. Swanson St. 215.389.1513. www.jamessugg.com

Local renaissance man James Sugg brings a wealth of experience to the story of a captain’s quest for his mermaid daughter through salty monologues and a “rock ’n’ roll song cycle” of punk-tinged lullabies and sea shanties. While preparing for The Sea’s Fringe debut in 2006, Sugg spent two weeks on a freighter scouring the ports of Panama for authentic tales of life, love and loss from the sailors who troll the Canal. And the setting could hardly be more apt. One of the grave markers littering the 310-year-old candlelit Old Swedes’ Church reads: “In memory of the 34 men lost on the U.S. flagged merchant vessel S.S. Poet. ‘Oh God, the sea is so great yet our boat so small.’” (Joshua Valocchi)

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