Colbert Nation Invades Philadelphia


March 19, 2008

Colbert Nation Invades Philadelphia

Editor's Note: We mentioned Mr. Colbert's impending visit to our fair city yesterday (and announced a contest, no less), but Phillyist Joshua felt this historic event deserved more in-depth coverage. Enjoy!

TruthinessIf we’re to trust Hillary Clinton’s supposition that It Takes a Village, wouldn’t logic then dictate that a nation could get the job done faster and with far more efficiency? Philadelphians will soon have the chance to witness that theory in action up close and personal as Stephen Colbert and members of his rabidly devoted “Colbert Nation” descend upon the Cradle of Liberty in the spirit of true demockracy.

In between the oddly familiar satirical rants and the bumpy jaunts along oft-tread avenues of sarcasm and coy derision that typify most broadcasts of the Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert lobbed a slow curveball to his audience Monday night. As that pitch loped its way toward home plate, it grew to the size of a grapefruit before the eyes of legions of local Colbert loyalists. To hell with Mudville’s Casey, mighty Stephen is coming to Philly.

Following the lead of Democratic Sens. and presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Colbert will transplant the bulk of operations related to the nightly broadcast of the Report to the 215 for the week of April 14 to coincide with the nationally televised Democratic debate scheduled for April 16 at the National Constitution Center.

Tickets for all four shows (4.14-17) were gobbled up within mere minutes of Colbert’s on-air announcement as fans immediately stormed the show’s online ticketing system. Those lucky enough to score a spot for one of the Report’s Philadelphia tapings are sure to be constant targets of scorn, envy and the occasional pie toss over the course of the next few weeks—and that only accounts for the reactions of “friends.”

Nonetheless, the payoff promises to be fairly epic and the “studio” is bound to be filled with hordes of fellow fans suffering from similar bouts with jealous siblings, lovers, spouses and the like. An overwhelming sense of community is sure to quickly gel among ticketholders as the “Nation” takes care of its own. Damn the outsiders and the non-believers because though the heart may be weak, the wrist is strong. It takes but a quick flip to wave off the deadweight of the past before rotating inward to welcome new friends and loved ones with a warm beckon.

Unfortunately, the temporarily displaced and somewhat makeshift “Nation” will surely dissolve scant days after its meteoric rise, leaving shattered dreams and limp wrists in its wake. Consummate leader that he is, however, Colbert shall persevere and press on, stoically striding toward his ultimate goal of a world teeming with monkeys on the lam with nary a bear in sight.

Fleeting as it may be, Colbert’s four-day reign will doubtless leave a lasting impression upon our fair hamlet that will span generations. Kind of like that crack in the Liberty Bell.

Image Credit: Flickr user stricklin_family

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