Becker's Birthday Bash

Philadelphia Weekly
December 19, 2007

Live Music

Becker’s Birthday Bash
Thurs., Dec. 20, 9pm. $8. With Future Tips, Taggart, Late Night Television + Art DiFuria. North Star, 23rd and Poplar sts. 215.787.0488. www.northstarrocks.com

In the hierarchy of financially rewarding occupations, playing guitar in a local rock outfit ranks woefully low. But while rent checks bounce like frog eyeballs on a tile floor, local rockers still enjoy certain professional perks, like the unassailable certainty of a birthday celebration befitting a rock star, replete with requisite heapings of hooch and hedonism. Armed with such confidence, James Becker, who splits his time pulling six-string duty between Grammar Debate! and Taggart, should be in pretty high spirits (quite literally, in fact) this week. Pop in, have some cake and buy the man a beer. Presumably, the rent fund hat will be passed around between sets. (Joshua Valocchi)

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