Valley of the Dollies

Philadelphia Weekly
December 19, 2007


Valley of the Dollies
Wed., Dec. 19, 11pm. $1.99. Bob & Barbara’s, 1509 South St. 215.545.4511. www.dumpstaplayers.org

Continuing their storied tradition of rude and raucous rabble-rousing, the Dumpsta Players are back, getting all up in your grill with cautionary tales of Christmas toys gone bad. In Valley of the Dollies, the Players take on celebrity endorsements, cleverly weaving a seasonal theme into a naughty narrative that starts debauched and goes rapidly downhill thereafter. And yes, of course there are allusions to GHB-tainted toys from China and the drug-induced holiday-themed hallucinations they cause. The show also features visits from toys of Christmas past—including Strawberry Shitcake and the Lance Bass action figure. As in all Dumpsta productions, drag queens will run wild, chaos will ensue and inhibitions and social niceties will be left in the slush covered in reindeer hooves. (Joshua Valocchi)

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